How Designer Radiators Can Give Your Kitchen Makeover That Finishing Touch

With wall space often at a premium, designer radiators are very often overlooked. Under floor heating is becoming the obvious choice because it releases valuable wall space.

With wall space often at a premium, designer radiators are very often overlooked. Under floor heating is becoming the obvious choice because it releases valuable wall space. But at what extra price and does under floor heating provide a good return on investment?

If you want to improve your homes value, whether for your own living experience or financial gain through property development, the kitchen is a key room.

Why Designer radiators are a great low cost alternative to under floor heating in kitchens

A designer vertical radiator could be a much lower cost alternative to under floor heating but is often overlooked. When remodelling your kitchen wall space is often at the greatest premium and traditional ‘wet central heating system’ radiators are removed as a consequence. This is because these radiators are traditionally horizontal and run along the entire length of a wall. Keeping or replacing the horizontal radiators means the potential loss of practical kitchen work surface area and valuable storage space.

When compared to under floor heating how can a designer radiator dramatically reduce your kitchen makeover budget when ?

  • You can keep your existing floor levels
  • A designer radiator reduces the inconvenience, time and cost compared to under floor heating
  • You can re-use existing pipe work
  • You could quickly refresh the look of your kitchen by swapping to a designer radiator
  • You do not need to buy or install an expensive under floor system

A designer radiator can squeeze in the tightest of spots

Saving you the cost of an under floor heat system is one bonus, but it’s not an option if you lose valuable cupboard or work surface. With a BTU calculator you can work out the thermal requirements of your remodelled kitchen. With the widest range of sizes and styles to choose from there is sure to be a designer radiator to fit the available wall space. You may feel you have little alternative to under floor heating but the designer radiators are available in a range of sizes.

You can significantly reduce your refurbishment timescales installing a designer radiator

Reducing the mess and disruption in what is the heart of most homes to an absolute minimum. If there’s one room in a house which is difficult to do without, it’s the kitchen. Making your kitchen refit a matter of a couple of days rather than running into weeks must be a bonus.

Designer radiators can add a dramatic new look quickly and cost-effectively

The range of modern day designer radiators is stunning. I’m not suggesting a designer radiator is simply a cheaper alternative to under floor heating, just significantly lower cost, hassle and upheaval. Designer radiators are there to add an aesthetic focal point to the room, often they don’t even look like radiators! You can choose from an original piece of art to a sleek sculpted wall feature.

Practical heating benefits over under floor heating of a designer radiator

The downside to under floor heating when compared to a designer radiator is it’s not as responsive. Taking between one or two hours to heat the room up is typical for under floor, where a designer radiator might take 20 minutes. If the room is too warm, the opposite is also true, designer radiators cool down much faster, giving you more immediate control over the kitchens heating.

Under floor heating works by effectively turning the entire floor area into a radiator, via warm-water pipes or electric mats concealed within the floor structure. This radiates a gentle heat because the floor has a large surface area and means it only needs to be a couple of degrees warmer than room temperature. Because the heat rises evenly there are no cold spots or draughts.

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