Some companies seem to be taking advantage of changes in legislation to mislead you about their products! Let us help you by explaining the facts…..

Some companies seem to be taking advantage of changes in legislation to mislead you about their products! Let us help you by explaining the facts…..

Agadon is a major European designer radiator manufacturer renowned for the quality of its products and the accuracy of its technical information.  Others, however, are failing to come up to the mark; let us explain……


With effect from 13th July this year (2013), there has been a change in EEC legislation requiring all radiators to be CE approved and for them to comply with a European standard known as EN 442.  Amongst other things this new standard brings in a change to the method of calculating BTU ratings (the power output of radiators).
Understanding the new information and getting it right is of paramount importance for the buyer because the result of misleading or downright dishonest information is that you will end up with either higher than necessary fuel bills or you will spend more than required on your radiators.


The typical British plumber has for many years been specifying the radiator heat output you will need in each room based on what is known as the ‘Delta 60’ water test temperature calculation.  Until now that has been fine.  Unfortunately there are three different calculations in use, the most common of which are the Delta T50 and the Delta T60.  This year the industry has been asked to move away from T60 to T50.  The result? The radiator you are buying might emit 25% less heat than an ‘identical’ one you think you have compared it with!


We will try to be brief and not overly technical….
The new European standard ‘EN442’ provides a new test method to evaluate radiator output in a competitive manner. Since European Governments now focus more and more on energy reduction, the new standard has been designed to encourage designers to develop ‘mild heat radiators’ that will keep a room ‘comfortable’ without the radiator being inefficient or using water at unnecessarily high temperatures. 

EN 442 requires European manufacturers to promote a reduction in the operating temperature of hot water radiators to improve a status of ‘well-being’ in the home and better use of energy.  The new standard uses Delta T50 calculations instead of the old Delta T60 calculations and the consequence of this is that in order to compare two different manufacturers’ BTU figures, you will need to check whether the figures are based on Delta T50 or Delta T60 calculations.

Agadon’s radiators are now tested and certified based on Delta T50 calculations.  This means our radiators will have published lower heat outputs than similar products from competitors using the Delta T60 formula.  Our tests are undertaken in Berlin to the highest standards possible and we can prove to you with documented evidence that if, for example, one of our products is rated at 5,000 BTU, you can be sure it is a 5,000 BTU radiator and not a 4,000 one!

As a reputable manufacturer, we want to be open, honest and up front about these changes.  We have nothing to hide!  We have come across some products advertised on the internet as having a BTU rating of 8,000 BTU, whereas in fact it is only rated at 5,000 by the new standard!

If you are confused by these new standards or want to speak to us about any questions, technical or otherwise, please contact one of our fully trained sales consultants on 01530 564 122 or email us at

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