Beware - Chrome Radiators Increase Your Heating Costs!

It’s a little known fact that chrome is an excellent insulator.  If you touch a chrome radiator or towel warmer your hand will feel hot, no doubt about that, BUT did you know the chrome plating makes it more difficult for the heat to radiate from the surface into the room?!

Well it is a well-known fact in the right circles, which is why you will see for sale plenty of chrome kettles and tea pots!  The heat stays inside the vessel where you need it.  So our advice is to avoid this choice of radiator design whenever you can, unless of course running costs are not an issue for you…

You would do much better to choose one of our high efficiency models.  Did you know that recently Agadon developed a new type of radiator that combines excellent heating efficiency with attractive styling?  The breakthrough-features were incorporated into two designs and there are more planned to be released soon. 

The new Duett tube radiator, for example, has an output of up to 7,779 Btu and the Aurora radiator up to 9,300 Btu.  These impressive figures have been achieved by combining two features.  Firstly, the special tubes and panels require less water than normal to heat them. Secondly, the radiators have high surface areas which generate higher levels of heat radiation.

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