Why choose designer radiators?

Far from being an expensive luxury, there are good reasons to choose designer radiators.

With the economic downturn in full force and ‘austerity’ being almost fashionable, why would you choose striking designer radiators over more conventional ones?


1. Why not?  Designer radiators are just as efficient as more conventionally-styled radiators, but look so much more appealing.  While it might seem like just a functional appliance in every home, consider the impact they will have on your environment.  Most UK homes are heated using radiators of one form or another, so they appear on the walls of nearly every room in the house.  That means you’ll have to look at your radiators every day, in every room.  So why not choose something that will look good and enhance your home.


2. Cost  While some designer radiators are undoubtedly more expensive than other more conventional units, the sheer choice of designer radiator designs out there means that price needn’t be an issue.  There are designs to suit every budget and every period of house, everything from ultra-modern, minimalist interiors to retro designs that would suit an older property.  And with options such as mirrored radiators, glass and stainless steel you’re sure to find something to suit the look of your living space.  And when you think about the additional cost of adding radiator covers to conventional radiator designs, the case for investing in a striking, wall-hung designer piece is even stronger.


3. Added Value.  With more and more people choosing to ‘improve’ rather than ‘move’, designer radiators are a practical, cost-effective way to refresh your home environment.  But they could also add value to your home.  You can enjoy the benefits of an efficient, well-manufactured, good-looking heating system while you live in your house, but you will also make your house stand out when it comes time to sell.  With many buyers making up their mind within moments of entering a property, striking designer radiators throughout your home not only work well for creating a warm, welcoming environment, but also give the impression that you care for your home and have looked after it.


So why not see which designer radiators might fit into your home?  There are plenty of reasons why you should.

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