Choose Designer Radiators instead of radiator covers

Don't hide your ugly radiators with radiator covers, install designer radiators to be proud of.

While necessary in this country and by far the most popular way of heating our homes, offices, hospitals and waiting rooms, conventional radiator designs can hardly be called attractive.

One common solution to this problem is the use of radiator covers.  These are typically made from wood - usually MDF, plywood or chipboard - and take the form of a box-like structure around the radiator to hide its ugly looks.  Radiator covers can be very expensive, fiddly and time-consuming to assemble and fix to the walls of your house.  Many argue they dramatically reduce the overall effectiveness of your radiators as heater too.  But there is an alternative.

Designer radiators are efficient, effective appliances for heating your home or office, and they look great too!  There’s no need to go to the trouble and expense of fitting radiator covers when you can have designer radiators to be proud of in virtually any location that a conventional radiator would be suitable.

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