Designer Radiators are the best Bar none!

Whet your customers' appetite with art glass designer radiators ideal for bars, restaurants and hotels.

Designer radiators have come a long way as manufacturing techniques take advantage of modern technological innovations.  This goes beyond the physical fabrication of the radiators themselves, to the fit and particularly the finish of what would could otherwise be just another appliance.

The range of options now available when buying designer radiators is vast.  And if you own a bar, restaurant or hotel, there’s a range available from Agadon Heat and Design that you’ll find particularly appealing.  You can order designer radiators with images of your customers’ favourite tipple!  Among the options available are a beer glass, lager glasses, wine glasses and even champagne and strawberries.  Other striking art glass radiators are also available.

While a radiator might not be the first place you’d think of to tempt your thirsty customers, there’s no denying it’s a great use of space that might otherwise be wasted.  Your designer radiators can keep your customers warm and comfortable during cold weather, and offer them something cool to drink at the same time!

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