Designer Radiators give your corporate visitors the warmest of welcomes

Make sure your corporate visitors have the right impression from the start - a warm reception area

The reception area of your company building is often the first and last thing any visitor will see when they come to see you.  Customers, suppliers and commercial partners will all judge you – subconsciously or otherwise – on what the reception area of your company look, feels and smells like.  You want to give the right impression!

Make sure the reception area is a welcoming place to be.  Smart furniture – but perhaps not too ostentatious – and fresh flowers or fragrance diffusers will create a professional and pleasant experience. But don’t forget the heating, especially important in the colder months.

Since the reception area is often located at the front of the building, it is more exposed to the elements than the rest of it might be.  Designer radiators are a great way to make sure your visitors are given the warm welcome you want them to experience.

With the vast array of designer radiators available, it is easy to find one that compliments your reception area décor.  But why not go one stage further and have your designer radiator printed with your company logo?  This can be done on many art glass designer radiators on request.  A warm welcome, a good impression and great way to reinforce your brand.

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