Designer Radiators help you to remember your holiday

Remember your exotic holiday when you're keeping warm indoor during winter

When it’s cold and rainy outside it’s very easy to forget your last holiday.  Sunning yourself on a beach somewhere hot and humid – the happy holiday memories it can seem like a lifetime away.

So when the heating comes on in your home, why not use it as a perfect opportunity to remind you of your holiday.  A designer radiator with a beautiful, full-colour image of an idyllic beach in some far off land.

As well as being practical, designer radiators can also be beautiful.  From images of the beautiful island of Krabi, to panoramic blue lagoon scenes on horizontal designer radiators, there are a range of stunning images available off the shelf.

If none of the available images appeal to you, you can have one of your own image reproduced on an art glass designer radiator – what better way to show off your photographic prowess, keep warm and remember that exotic holiday during the chilly winter months?

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