Designer Radiators for the Industrial Look

Let it all hang out with industrial design elements.

While it is often the fashion to hide away all the pipes, wires and beams that go into making a modern house work for everyday life, there is a school of design that reverses this trend.  The industrial look celebrates all things functional and highlights the beauty that can be had in expertly crafted pipes, girders and brickwork.

Far-removed from minimalism, the industrial look lets it all ‘hang out’ when it comes to plumbing, wiring and the structure of a building.  Designer radiators, combined with beautiful and carefully-crafted, polished copper pipework, can be a real eye-catcher and something very different from the norm.

Designer radiators can be sourced in all manner of shapes, sizes, colours and designs, so choosing an imposing yet attractive design is the perfect way to integrate an essential element of modern living – namely heating – into a quirky and individual, industrial-look interior.

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