Designer Radiators keep towels dry, fresh – and hygienic

There's more to a damp towel than just an unpleasant experience for the next user!

We’re all familiar with the strange aroma a damp towel can emit.  It might seem just an unpleasant experience, but there’s more to it than that – and some of it you might not want to know!

The smell is caused by bacteria breeding.  So, as clean and hygienic as we all want to believe our homes are, there could be a malodorous confession lurking in our bathroom, cloakroom or kitchen.  There’s a few things that you can do to minimise the unpleasantness however.

Ensure that towels are washed regularly, preferably after three or four uses for bath towels for example.  It is also recommended to wash towels a few at a time on a hot wash, having first made sure your washing machine is clean and free from odours itself.

Don’t leave towels damp, even if you’ve finished with them for now – the bacteria can build up over time.  Use a towel radiator to keep towels dry between uses.  Designer radiators can make your bathroom, cloakroom or kitchen look great, feel warn and keep your towels dry, fresh-smelling and hygienic all at the same time.

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