Designer Radiators Ideal for Awkward Spaces

Designer radiators can help you find a heating solution in awkward spaces

When installing a heating system into an existing building, or even designing a new-build, the essential elements might be difficult to integrate.

The location of a central heating boiler may be governed by a number of factors – technical, logistical or safety requirements – but there is usually more freedom of choice when it comes to the positioning of radiators, thermostats and other controls.

Unlike the common rectangular form of conventional radiators, designer radiators come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, which can make locating those all-important heating systems far easier -and easier on the eye!

Some designer radiators even give a number of options as to how they can be mounted, so you’re not restricted by their physical size and dimensions.

The unique, sometimes quirky, designs of some radiators may even give you some fresh ideas about where to site your heating system components.  Many of the designs are aesthetically-pleasing, so you don’t need to hide them away.

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