Designer Radiators Demand High Quality Components and Manufacture

Any heating system is a complex and technically demanding combination of components.  It is vital to ensure high quality components and manufacturing methods are used to build the key elements of the system.

The radiators in any heating system go through a great deal of stress and punishment during their lifetime, and Designer Radiators are no different.

There are temperature extremes experienced by the radiators themselves as well as the accessories and pipework which feed and control them.

Any system which contains or is exposed to water risks corrosion if not manufactured to high standards with the correct inhibitors.  This can at least lead to loss of performance of the system, or even worse and escape of water which can cause untold damage and misery.

In the case of Designer Radiators, these systems not only have to perform correctly, but also have to look great into the bargain!

The 10 year warranty provided by Agadon Designer Radiators belies the utter confidence they have in the high quality of its designer radiators, and gives you complete peace of mind.

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