Designer Radiators Help You Take Advantage of Lower Gas Prices

Take full advantage of lowering gas prices.

With a drop in the global wholesale price of gas, the ‘Big Six’ UK energy suppliers are under increasing pressure to pass on their savings to customers.  Some have already made their first moves to lower prices – something many UK households will appreciate.

While the lower gas prices will inevitably show in lower bills eventually, there is more you can do to help lower the cost of heating your home.

Make sure your central heating boiler is running as efficiently as possible.  Ensure it is serviced regularly and that flues and vents are free to do what they are designed to do properly.  It may be worth having the system flushed to ensure the pump can efficiently keep a flow of hot water around the whole system.

Check your system pipework for leaks and check that radiators are working correctly.  Old radiators can easily be replaced with modern, efficient units designed to maximise the benefit you feel from the money you’re spending on fuel.  Beautiful designer radiators are a great, cost-effective way to replace aging radiators with modern units that look great and depending on the design you choose can even ensure you have warm dry towels when it matters.

What better way to spend all the money you’ll be saving on lower bills than by investing in a beautiful designer radiator that you can enjoy all year round.

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