Replace Old Storage Heaters with Stunning Designer Radiators

Replace those old, ineffective storage heaters with modern, electric designer radiators.

Many older properties, especially apartments or flats, are fitted with aging storage heaters as their only means of space heating.

While the basic principle of a storage heater remains sound – build up heat during hours of lower electricity demand (and therefore lower prices) and release the heat when it’s required – in practice these heaters are often inefficient and perform poorly to heat the space required.

Storage heaters that are a few years old may also be even less efficient than when they were first installed.

Modern, stunning-looking electric designer radiators can be a direct replacement for storage heaters.

Not only will efficient designer radiators heat the required space more effectively, they will also look much more appealing than the dull, often off-white blocks that are a common design for storage heaters.

A modern heating system is also a great way to enhance the value and saleability of your home.

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