Service Your Boiler and System as Summer Begins

As winter draws to a close it is a good time to think about having your boiler serviced.

As winter slowly releases its frigid grip and you contemplate using your central heating less and less, it’s also a good time to have the entire system serviced.

It is recommended that you have your heating system serviced between April and September.  Plumbers and technicians are traditionally less busy with service work at these times.

There is always a rush in boiler service and repair work in autumn as people start to use their heating for the first time and realise everything isn’t as it should be.

When you have your system serviced, this may include a flush of the system to ensure there are no contaminants or corrosion.

The service may also highlight weaknesses in your system, and some components may require replacement.  It is obviously better to do this when you are not in desperate need of your heating during the winter.

The annual service is also a great opportunity to plan and make changes to your heating system.  Perhaps consider a slinky new designer radiator – it’ll be far easier to install while the system is already drained.

There are many options when it comes to designer radiators – consider perhaps a towel radiator in your bathroom or cloakroom, or how about a mirror radiator in the hallway?

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