British Summer Time Begins - Don't Forget ALL Your Clocks

As people across the country amend the time on clocks throughout their homes, there's one clock it's all too easy to forget.

With spring in full swing it’s that time of year again – time to change the clocks.

At 2am on the morning of the last Sunday in March, the clocks go forward one hour to take advantage of lighter mornings.

Across the country households will be adjusting the time on wall clocks, microwaves, televisions and wristwatches.

There’s one clock it’s all too easy to forget, usually because it’s not visible most of the time in a lot of households – that’s the central heating timing clock.

Since the weather is also warming up (gradually!), it might also be an opportunity to think about how often or for how long you need the heating on.  That way it’s an opportunity to save energy and possibly reduce your energy bills.

Around this time of year, many consider the annual service of their boiler and central heating system.  A perfect opportunity to refresh your system and add a stunning and efficient new designer radiator to replace any aging radiators in your house.

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