Designer radiators are perfect to supplement wood burning stoves and open fires

Despite the advances in modern heating systems, there is something very soothing, and almost mesmeric, about the warm glow of real flame.

Far from being a necessity in most modern homes, open fires or solid fuel stoves are usually regarded as a luxury item, meant more for decoration than as the main heating source.

Modern stoves are extremely efficient if fitted correctly, and can even provide the majority of the heating requirements of smaller homes.

Some even hail stoves as environmentally friendly, on account of the carbon dioxide absorbed by trees as they’ve grown, if they’re fuelled by wood or wood derivatives.

However appealing stoves or open grate fires are, they are relatively messy and high maintenance when compared to your average central heating system.  Designer radiators make the perfect accompaniment to good-looking modern solid fuel stoves when you just want to heat a home quickly and efficiently, or if the heat from a stove won’t reach every room.

If your stove forms part of a retro, vintage or antique-looking decorative scheme, efficient designer radiators can be found to complement these themes, or even mimic original, early radiator designs.

When you want to combine form and function, designer radiators together with solid fuel stoves make perfect companions.

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