Designer Radiators that work with Wi-Fi thermostats

Wi-Fi thermostats are making headlines when it comes to the latest in home automation

Despite several false starts over the last few years, home automation is very much tipped to be the emerging technology trend of the not-too-distant future.

Some very big names are beginning to back home automation products and ideas – Google bought Nest and Apple has been touting its HomeKit – and collaborations on products are many and varied.

Wi-Fi thermostats, some which learn your day-to-day routines, are some of the early product ideas, and are already on the market.

Wi-Fi thermostats make prominent headlines because of their potential ability to save on your energy bills – very much a hot topic with a seemingly constant rise in the price of energy supplies.

Efficient central heating systems, coupled with a Wi-Fi thermostat connected to a compatible boiler, can not only make your home more comfortable, but can save significant amounts on your energy bills by adapting heating patterns to your lifestyle and habits.

Efficient designer radiators can form an important and integral part of a well-designed heating system, taking advantage of the latest manufacturing techniques to complement the latest-technology automated heating controls.

A ten year guarantee on the designer radiators supplied by Agadon Heat & Design mean you can have confidence that the product will not only last, but is making efficient use of the recyclable raw materials that go into their manufacture too!

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