Designer Radiators that do more than just heat

When the temperature rises during the spring and summer months, radiators are used less and less for their primary role of heating your home, office or shop.

Designer radiators are carefully crafted to look good, and can be appreciated aesthetically in a way that conventional radiators simply cannot.

Some designer radiators go further than just looking better than conventional ones, by performing an additional function – a towel heater, image-based corporate identity or even a mirror.

A mirrored designer radiator is an ideal way to make sure a radiator in a hallway, bathroom or bedroom is useful all year round, even when it’s not producing heat.

Designer radiators which perform an additional function are easy to blend into a decoration scheme where a traditional radiator design would look obtrusive.  This is better for your environment and can even be beneficial for your health, since a harmonious home environment promotes greater wellbeing.

A mirrored radiator in your hallway is the way to enable you and visitors to your home to check their dress before they step out to enjoy the warm summer evenings.

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