A warm glow from your Designer Radiators – even when they’re off!

Even in Britain, radiators aren’t required all year round – despite the odd autumnal spring day – so careful thought needs to be given to how they’ll look all year round.

There is myriad designs and styles to choose from when it comes to designer radiators - from designs paying homage to early radiator designs to ultra-modern contemporary styles – you will undoubtedly find something to suit your taste and the situation that the radiator will be installed in.

The psychology of colour is something that can be considered when choosing a designer radiator for your home.  Warm colours – typically reds, oranges and yellows – can trick the brain into feeling warmth, even when a radiator is not on and therefore not actually radiating heat.

This effect can mean that even during cool summer evenings, when you wouldn’t normally have your radiator, or indeed your heating system, on you can feel the benefit of a warm glow.

Available in any colour of your choice, designer radiators are a great way to bring an accent of complimentary or contrasting colour to any décor.

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