Be prepared for spring cold snaps with TRVs on your Designer Radiators

Sometimes the spring season can throw up a few surprises, with a wintery spell coming out of the blue.

While it’s tempting to turn the central heating system in your home off altogether as soon as there’s a glimmer of sunshine, and especially when the clocks have moved forward an hour, there can be a sudden chill in the air for several days, or perhaps just for a few hours during the night.

Thermostatic radiator valves – or TRVs as they are often abbreviated to – are ideal devices to cope with these sudden changes in temperature.

TRVs will prevent heating in particular rooms unnecessarily, so reducing your heating bills by only heating the spaces in your home that require it at any given time.

Designer radiators are fully compatible with TRVs, but of course you’ll want to choose some that are as aesthetically pleasing as the radiator itself.

Choosing complementary accessories from an expert supplier is one way to guarantee you can have the stunning good looks of designer radiators, with all the practicality and preparedness that TRVs give you.

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