An image of your favourite pet on your wall

Capture and cherish memories of your favourite pet on a designer radiator

Pets are very popular in UK with nearly half of all households estimated to have a pet of some description.

To pet lovers these animal companions are as much members of the family as the humans that make up the family unit.  They are cherished and pampered, with an entire industry built up around their care and feeding.

 Just like human family members, pets often feature in family photos, either along with their human company or on their own.

The loss of a pet can also be felt as deeply as any human too.

A great way to capture cherished memories of a much-loved pet, past or present, is by featuring them in a piece of art – perhaps a canvas, painting or photo.

You could even have your favourite image of your pet printed on a designer radiator.  An art glass designer radiator is a great way to have a beautiful image – either from stock or one of your choice – displayed in your home as part of a highly-efficient, modern heating system.

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