How to make a feature out of your heating

Rather than trying to hide your heating appliances, make a feature of them.

If you want to really bring a room to life then you need to create a feature point, something to draw the eye’s attention and lift the environment.  A radiator is the ideal choice for this for two main reasons; not only are they a less expensive investment than a new sofa or bathroom, but they are also easy to highlight with other complimentary pieces.

A carefully chosen designer radiator can enhance your environment, while providing the perfect talking point due to clever placement of other items, such as mirrors, pictures, or vases.

Make your radiator pop by highlighting it with a mirror in a matching, or contrasting style (if you’re bold enough), or place your heater underneath a striking vase or fish tank inset into the wall.

As for art, opt for a subtle piece to let your heating shine, or just use your radiator design simply as a way to underline the art.

Designer radiators make an excellent way to maximize any interior space, no matter how small or large, and can even open up an entire room when used smartly as part of your overall design scheme.

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