Picture a perfect home with arty designer radiators

Choosing heating for your home is also a chance to show your artistic side

When you’re thinking about choosing a radiator to compliment your décor you may not typically think of this item as a potential chance to display your artistic side.  But heating options have changed dramatically over the years and now you can pick up stunning art glass designer radiators that are real talking points in their own right.

From gorgeous images of nature to stand out abstracts, you can find a designer radiator that boasts an image to suit every taste, and the very best heating manufacturers can even commission bespoke designs, created just for you.

If you really want to make it personal, you can display a photograph of your family or friends, or showcase a piece of art you or a loved one created.

Art glass designer radiators are a real investment item, and a quality build should last years, allowing you to make a real feature out of your heating and surprising your guests with your design flair.

Buying art is typically costly, but with beautiful art glass designer radiators you can highlight a room and draw the eye with a well-chosen image to suit your taste, décor and personality, making your money go further.

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