Make it personal with customisable radiators

Make you home truly yours and state your style

When it comes to decorating your dream home, very often it’s the smaller details that make the biggest difference.  You may not have thought that a radiator could make much impact, but the heating designs of today are so good-looking they can actually provide the perfect finishing touch if you’re looking to personalize your space.

If you want every last detail in your home to be truly unique, look to buying bespoke pieces, such as beautiful and customizable designer radiators, that can be personalised with a choice of finishes, colours and styles to match your décor and personal flair.

You can even go one step further with a stunning art glass designer radiator that can double up as a way to display artwork to reflect your personality.  Perhaps you’d like a gorgeous glowing sunset, arty abstraction, or serene still life, or maybe you’re the urban type and would opt for a twinkling city skyline at night or famous landmark like Big Ben?

You can really get in on the customisation trend by having a personal photograph displayed on your heater, such as that family shot you love, an image of a treasured pet, or wedding picture that reminds you of your big day.

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