Get dry in style with dual purpose bathroom radiators

Bathrooms often have limited space, so dual purpose radiators are an ideal solution

When picking the perfect heater for your bathroom, space can often be at a premium and style is always a top consideration.  The latest sleek designer towel radiators offer a practical solution to those bathroom design dilemmas, giving you somewhere to stash towels and providing a place for them to dry out at the same time.

If you buy from a manufacturer who offers a bespoke service you can really get creative with this type of radiator, design your dream bathroom by matching the colour, styles and finishes to your other fixtures and fittings.

Towel rack radiators really offer value for money, as well as saving on space, and what’s more they look great in your bathroom too.  Offer your visitors the chance to dry off in style by displaying your fluffiest towels and you’re guaranteed to impress next time you have guests.

You can place these space saving beauties in all your washrooms to generate a cohesive feel throughout your home, and you can even match, compliment, or contrast the shade of your designer radiator to your preferred towel colour, to evoke that high-end hotel vibe in your own bathroom.

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