Kids will go crazy for fun and functional radiators

Use designer radiators to make kids' play spaces fun and functional

When it’s time to kit out your child’s bedroom or play space, you want their interior environment to be uplifting, stimulating and fun, and that includes the furniture and fixtures you opt for.

A designer radiator that displays photographs or artwork would make the perfect choice to jazz up a children’s bedroom, and will inject a playful note into a room in an unexpected way.

An art glass designer radiator is the latest way to make your heating more homely, allowing you to select pictures that will appeal to children, such as ice cream cones, animals, fairies, or colourful abstract patterns.

If you have a favourite piece of artwork your child created, why not arrange for it to be displayed on one of these types of designer radiators, or, alternatively let your kids pick the perfect piece to reflect their own personal style.

Perhaps you have a demanding diva who wants an image fit for a princess to decorate her space, or maybe you have a car enthusiast or nature fan on your hands instead?

PersonaliSe their play space with a customiSable art glass designer radiator that will make your children’s rooms both fun and functional.

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