Kit out your kitchen with designer radiators that match your décor

We show you that designer radiators are not just for living rooms and bathrooms

Radiators aren’t just for living rooms and bathrooms, everywhere in the home needs adequate heating, and the fittings you choose for your kitchen are just as important as the ones anywhere else in your home.

A radiator for the kitchen area of your home may need to differ slightly in design and style than the ones you opt for in your lounge or bathroom, but should still fit in with the overall scheme of your décor nonetheless.

It’s not hard to find a beautiful designer radiator to suit any kitchen suite these days, with the plethora of choices now available, whether your kitchen area is rustic, or modern, chrome or glass.

And if space is limited you can select one of the smaller, slim fit radiators on the market that have the added bonus of cutting heating costs due to the lower surface area they cover.

Pick a product with a long term guarantee and your heating appliance will be covered from any one of the number of mishaps that can easily occur in spaces where food is prepared, protecting your initial investment and saving you cash in the long run.

The place the family’s food is prepared is very often the cornerstone of the home, so make it really special with a gorgeous designer radiator and create the perfect ambience.

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