Save money and supercharge style with ingenious infrared

Efficient infra-red designer radiators could be just the thing for your home

When choosing heating fixtures for your home, you want to make smart choices that save your hard earned cash, but sometimes this means compromising on style.  But budget friendly fittings needn’t equate to a style deficit, with some gorgeous infrared designer radiators hitting the market this year.  These effective radiators cleverly cut your heating bills in half while making a style splash and though they actually save you money, they look super luxurious.

Made from gorgeous classy glass, these premium quality designer radiators are made for people who like to project a luxurious, clean style in their living space, and while a small initial investment is required, in the end they’ll save you many times over.

Requiring a far lower wattage than regular radiators, an ingenious infrared radiator will effectively heat things up while blending perfectly with your surroundings, enhancing your décor and creating a stylish ambience.

Perfect for larger, colder homes that require a lot of heat to keep things comfortable in the winter months, infrared heating provides the ideal choice for budget conscious, style savvy folk.  If you need to slash your spend but want a super chic heating option then you definitely need to opt for a glorious glass infrared.

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