Travel around the world for free with cultural landmark radiators

Travel the world without leaving your home with today's modern, efficient designer radiators

If you’re the type that likes to express yourself through the décor you choose for your living space, then why stop at your furniture choices or the type of paint you pick for your walls?

Why not extend your personal style statement right down to the fixtures and fittings in your home, including your heating appliances, by opting to combine artwork and practicality?

Modern designer radiators are making a serious style splash this season with some impressively arty options depicting beautiful scenes and cultural landmarks, whether you want to display a glittering and glamorous Parisian skyline, or an iconic red British phone box.

Project some ambience and show your artistic side with a radiator that does double duty, and use your functional fixtures to add an extra wow factor to any room.

Whether you’re a fan of cityscapes, or beautiful and tranquil nature scenes, you can find the ideal travel shot for your perfect heater easily with the variety of options now on offer.

So do something different with your designer radiator and plump for more than just a traditional heater this year, by picking up a picture perfect radiator, and projecting your favourite travel scenes to everyone who enters your home.

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