Anthracite Mirror Radiators


The anthracite vertical radiator with mirror is probably the most on-trend mirrored radiator selling at Agadon Designer Radiators. Traditionally used in the bathroom because the heated panel prevents the mirror misting up - the anthracite mirror radiator is now more likely to feature in a hallway or bedroom as its dual use and discrete designer looks belies its functionality.


Why choose a mirror radiator?

The use of a full length mirror in bedrooms and hallways has been a common sight for many years for very practical reasons. Whether dressing up for a night out or simply checking how presentable we appear before popping out - the mirror offers so much more. Any interior designer will provide multiple reasons why they strategically use the mirror to aesthetically enhance a rooms look, lighting or size.


The powerful effects of mirrors and radiant spaces

Whether you want to add a polished touch to your interiors, make a statement with wall art or amplify light and space, a thoughtfully chosen, well-positioned mirror is the answer. The modern anthracite finish provides a stunning minimalist statement in any room. The multi tasking mirrored vertical designer radiator frames the reflected view whilst providing outstanding, yet discrete, heat output.


Anthracite Mirror Radiators from £260.00

The variety of sizes and styles available make anthracite mirror radiators suitable for any space in the house. Far from simply being a practical object in which to check your face, a beautiful mirror can be used to amplify light, add drama, create interesting reflections and frame views. When combined with a radiator you can add heat into this equation.


Anthracite Mirror Radiator Gallery

It's astounding how the addition of a mirror radiator can transform your space, resolving any interior dilemma in an instant. Think beyond the bathroom and take a look at our top ten design tips for using radiator mirrors in your home.



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