Designer radiators for open plan Kitchen diners


If you’ve invested in an extension to create your perfect open plan space to cook, eat, entertain, gather as a family and relax - then your choice of designer radiator could be the finishing touch you’re looking for.


Radiators for flexible open plan kitchen and dining areas

When choosing radiators for a large, multi-functional open plan space, you need to think about the output, location and distribution of heat. Which walls do you have space to locate radiators and share the heat distribution around the room? If wall space is limited then think about using vertical radiators. Ultra slim widths with a good heat output can fit into narrow, otherwise unused spaces or can be positioned to frame a doorway. Take a look at our open plan kitchen diner BTU calculator.


Designer radiators combine stylish open plan elegance with responsive heat

Open plan kitchen and dining spaces are cool, contemporary and provide probably the most social space in the house. Ensuring this space in your house is heated efficiently through the colder months is crucial to keeping you and your family happy. However, heating this versatile space can prove challenging. Underfloor heating is often too expensive to install and doesn’t provide the responsiveness of a radiator. As the kitchen warms you’ll want to turn the heating down, but if you don’t want to compromise on looks then a designer radiator can also make a bold statement.


Using a mirrored radiator to get the lighting right

Often an open plan ‘kitchen diner’ is simply these two rooms converted to a single social space. Keeping the lighting balanced across the two areas can sometimes present a headache but is essential to creating the right feel. Using focal colour walls and a large mirror radiator to draw your eye plus bounce the light from one area to another is a great solution. Whilst bringing the uniformity of the design, it can also create the illusion of more space in a smaller kitchen diner.


Coloured radiators which tone or match with the wall

With designer radiators available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and BTU’s, one style point is to colour coordinate your wall with your radiator. There’s a wide range of standard colours but you can order a designer radiator in any RAL colour. So even an awkward spaced, or odd sized wall can provide the perfect radiator location.


Using a designer radiator as a statement piece in open plan design

Whether you want your radiator disguised as a piece of wall art, or you want the look of the radiator design to be striking enough in its own right to be considered as wall art - Agadon has the solution for you. Modern designer radiators compliment your open plan kitchen diner whilst providing a responsive heat source. The materials and design of the radiators means they heat up and cool down more quickly than standard radiators and so help to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature.

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