Best Radiators for Heat Output


If you need a high heat output radiator, then typically this refers to a radiator which outputs over 7000 BTU’s. The higher the BTU, the hotter your radiator can get. You can get radiators with a heat output exceeding 9000 BTU if you require.


A better question would be ‘What’s the best radiator for the heat output required?’

This is more focused on what heat output you need and then choosing the best radiator to deliver it. This means you need to know what level of heat you need. This is something you can use a BTU calculator for. Once you understand the volume of space you’re heating, the BTU’s required to heat it and the layout, you can filter your radiator search down to only the most relevant units.


There are two things to consider when selecting heat output

The first is the space you have available for the radiator to be located. The second is the distribution of the heat within the room. For example, if you have a small hallway space at the bottom of a staircase, the heat output will rise - and a powerful 7000 BTU vertical radiator may be a good option as it will take up minimal space and provide a good heat output. Whereas, a larger space may work better with two 3500BTU radiators located strategically to distribute the heat more evenly.


Does colour effect the radiator heat output?

There is very little difference in the colour difference of a radiator. The same radiator in white will have almost the same heat output as in black. However, a chrome finish radiator could have up to 25% reduced heat output compared to a painted equivalent.


You can factor in extra heat output

One way of ensuring you have sufficient heat is to slightly over specify the radiator heat output and have thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s) fitted to each radiator. With TRV’s, when the individual radiator reaches its setting the flow is reduced and the room temperature is managed by each individual radiator valve.  A hall is often a good choice for your room thermostat to be located. But it should be a room where any radiators do not have TRV’s fitted. You will also need to balance the system so that the room thermostat doesn't cut off the heating before other rooms have reached their required temperatures.


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