White vs Chrome Towel Radiators

It’s a debate that keeps raging on among interior design enthusiasts and style-savvy homeowners: which are best, white or chrome towel radiators?


It’s a debate that keeps raging on among interior design enthusiasts and style-savvy homeowners: which are best, white or chrome towel radiators?

Each has its pros and cons, which makes choosing a clear winner in the white or chrome designer towel radiator stakes a not-so-easy task. Chrome is a fantastic choice for modern and contemporary bathrooms, thanks to its clean, smooth lines and futuristic elegance. White, on the other hand, provides a classic and timeless finish that has stood the test of time and is always bang on trend.

At the end of the day, it will always come down to your personal preference about which colour and finish you go for, but it’s worth bearing a few things in mind, which may help tip the balance either way…


White vs chrome radiators – colour comparison

While a chrome towel radiator will match the fixtures and fittings in most bathrooms, a white towel rail will match the vast majority of bathroom suites which are, invariably, made of glazed white porcelain. A white towel rail will help to develop a feeling of cleanliness in your bathroom and give an impression of crispness and hygiene. Chrome, on the other hand, can help give your bathroom a more uniform look by tying everything in together in a more sleek and contemporary style.


White vs chrome radiators – cleaning and maintenance

Chrome can be harder to keep clean than white, with fingerprints, dust and watermarks all showing up more easily on its shiny surface. It’s also prone to surface pitting or rust spots if you don’t maintain it properly. On the other hand, dirt and grime tends to show up more on white towel rails, so whichever you go for, you’ll still need to have some form of regular cleaning schedule to keep things looking pristine.


White vs chrome radiators – heat performance

There are a few misconceptions about the heat performance of white vs chrome towel radiators, with some arguing that white performs better and others arguing that highly-reflective chrome is more efficient. In truth, it all boils down to the heat output (BTU) rating of each individual radiator. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is the standard way for measuring the heat output of a designer radiator. The higher the BTU rating, the more heat it will generate.

All the designer towel radiators we sell come with a clear BTU rating, to help you make sure you choose a radiator which will give your room the heat it needs. And if you’re unsure, you can work out your room’s exact heat requirements using our online BTU calculator.


Where should I install my white or chrome towel radiator?

The ideal place to install your new white or chrome towel radiator will depend on a few factors, so it’s worth considering the following when you are planning the layout of your room:

  • The size and shape of the space
  • Where any existing pipework sits
  • The location of any doors, pipes or appliances
  •  Whether it is plumbed, electric or dual fuel
  •  The size of the designer radiator you need
  •  Where it is in relation to your bath, shower or sink
  • How will it look in relation to the rest of your room

Taking the time to consider exactly where you want to place your new designer towel radiator before you actually go ahead and install it could save you a lot of pain and heartache further down the line, because once it’s installed, it’s harder to move. For this reason, painting or tiling the wall before you install your towel rail will make decorating your room much easier in the long run.


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