Are vertical radiators good or bad?

Vertical radiators have become a mainstay in interior design in recent years, thanks mainly to their highly visual appeal when compared to standard horizontal ones, as well as the flexibility they offer when it comes to utilising your available wall space


Because they run from floor to ceiling, rather than from wall to wall, vertical designer radiators are highly versatile in that they can be squeezed into smaller spaces that horizontal radiators can’t.

They may lose a bit in terms of their overall heating performance, but they can be fitted away from obstructions like furniture and curtains, which can affect heating performance, to still give out enough heat to keep your room nice and toasty.

But vertical radiators really come into their own in the design stakes, because they are often more visually appealing and can also be used to make a real statement about your sense of taste and décor.


Vertical radiators – the good points

The most obvious benefit of choosing vertical designer radiators is that in the design stakes, they win hands down. They not only look stylish and stunning, but the range of colours, styles and options is so vast that whether you are going for modern, traditional, minimalist or in-your-face, there is a perfect vertical radiator for you.

The Titan Vertical Designer Tube Radiator, for example, combines contemporary style with a high quality steel construction and a powder coated finish. Its available in a wide variety of sizes and colours using the RAL colour system, meaning you can customise it to either blend in with your colour scheme, or stand out to make a real splash.
The Panio Solid Duplex Deluxe Flat Vertical Designer Radiator, meanwhile, comprises a single flat panel, with enclosed sides, which can again be customised with any RAL colour, opening up a host of design options which are limited only by your creativity and imagination.
And depending on the size and shape of the room you are trying to heat, a strategically placed vertical radiator may be a better bet than a standard horizontal heater. This holds particularly true for long, narrow spaces, where something like a slimline Panio Vertical Deluxe Flat Panel Designer Radiator will help you make the most of your space.


Vertical radiators – the bad points

Vertical designer radiators, in general, won’t give out the same heat output as horizontal ones, because they don’t have the same length to draw cold air up for convection that horizontal radiators do.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider them. If heat is your primary concern, then go for a high-output vertical radiator like the Aurora Vertical Designer Tube Radiator, which has a high BTU (heat) rating, comes with soft-edge triangular tubes and can be customised in a full range of colours.


Let Agadon help you find the best vertical designer radiator for you

Whatever your requirements, with more than 4,000 designer radiators in stock at our dedicated showroom, in Ashby de la Zouch, Agadon Designer Radiators has the perfect radiator for you. So, why not pay us visit for more inspiration and designer radiator ideas?

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