What are the best horizontal designer radiators?

Horizontal designer radiators put a new spin on the traditional radiators that have been a mainstay in homes up and down the country since they were invented in the 1800s.


For many years, horizontal radiators came in the same plain, old, boring style and the only way you could brighten them up or customise them was if you painted them yourself.

Today, thankfully, designer horizontal radiators come in a wide range of different styles, shapes, finishes and colours, meaning that if you want to customise your living space with a radiator that matches your unique personality, you can.

There is a wide range of fantastic horizontal designer radiators available which can make a real difference to your décor and bring your rooms bang up-to-date.


Why should I choose a horizontal designer radiator?

As we said earlier in this blog, horizontal radiators have come a long way in the past 20 years, and you are now no longer limited by the small number of colours and styles on the marketplace. Horizontal designer radiators are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, styles and finishes. With so much choice available, it makes choosing one a nice problem to have.

The two main advantages of horizontal radiators have is that they tend to out-perform vertical ones when it comes to their heating performance. They are also easy to install and swap out your existing radiators, even if you only have a very basic grasp of DIY. That’s because, more often than not, you will be able to use your existing fittings, fixtures and pipework.


The best horizontal radiators

Our Panio Horizontal Duplex Deluxe Flat Panel Radiator offers higher a BTU (heat output) rating than its standard Panio flat panel counterpart, along with the same subtle and sleek design. This is thanks to the enclosed top with grill design, which helps to keep your room warm.
The Panio Solid Horizontal Radiator offers a smooth and sleek design, constructed from high quality steel with a powder coated finish. With a single-piece front panel that can be customised in any RAL colour, it makes a stylish and functional addition to any room.
Meanwhile, our Infrared Standard White Room Radiator uses the latest infrared heating technology to provide a fantastic top up to existing heating systems, which can be mounted easily near any power socket and used in conjunction with a thermostat and timer to give you extra heat when you need it most.


Let Agadon help you find the best horizontal designer radiator for you


Whatever your requirements, with more than 4,000 designer radiators in stock at our dedicated showroom, in Ashby de la Zouch, Agadon Designer Radiators has the perfect radiator for you. So, why not pay us visit for more inspiration and designer radiator ideas?

Alternatively, browse our full range of stylish and innovative horizontal designer radiators, which are available direct from the manufacturer at discount prices and fast, free UK delivery. Or, give us a call on 01530 564 122 or email us, we’ll be happy to help.  

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