Dual Fuel Designer Radiators

A dual fuel designer radiator is connected to both your central heating and mains electricity, which means it can be turned on independently.


How does a dual fuel designer radiator work?

When the central heating is on all of your home is heated, probably controlled by a combination of zone sensors and TRV's (Thermostatic Radiator Valves), which manage the flow of hot water through the system. A dual fuel designer radiator is a radiator that also has an electric heating element inside. Which means it can swap between being central heating and electric. The advantage is dual fuel designer radiators are linked up to the central heating but can be turned on at the flick of a switch if you simply need a single room heating, and don't want the whole central heating system on.


Dual Fuel Designer Radiators can give warmth all year round

Dual fuel is a great solution if you have a room in your home that tends to get cold during the summer months when your central heating system is switched off. Another typical application is dual fuel in a bathroom, where you need towels to dry or if you feel the cold when you step out of the bath or shower. With the erratic temperatures of the British summer, the ability to heat a single room without having to switch the whole central heating system on, or alter every radiator’s TRV to minimum. Dual fuel is a great ‘simple’ cost effective option.


Can any Radiator be dual fuel?

If you want to have a duel fuel designer radiator, then you need to ensure the heating element fits safely inside the style you need. The heating elements are long and thin, and the longer the element, the higher the wattage and the greater the capacity for heating. Which is why tall designer towel radiators are perfect for dual fuel conversions.


If you have a suitable style of designer radiators – can dual fuel can be retro fitted?

If you had a suitable designer radiator, then technically it can be retro-fitted to make it dual fuel. However, there are other aspects to having a duel fuel radiator which impact upon the plumbing. Which is why its better to have your heating engineer understand which radiators need to be dual fuel when designing or altering your central heating system (i.e. if you’re having a room makeover).


Using your dual fuel designer radiator in the summer or winter

The best thing about having a dual fuel designer radiator, is it is so easy to switch on. There’s no need to shutdown the radiator from the rest of the system because if the central heating system is off, then the pump isn’t running. This means the water heated by the electric element will largely stay contained in the radiator with minimal heat disperse into the plumbed system. It is  important to remember that they are designed to be used either as a central heating radiator or as an electric radiator, they should not be used as both at the same time.

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