Horizontal Designer Radiators

Why have a boring box of a radiator when you could have a super efficient horizontal designer radiator to add a touch of style to any room.


Horizontal designer radiators are an ideal replacement for bland, boring standard radiators

Horizontal radiators first became widespread in British homes with the advent of wet central heating systems and are typically bland, boring and not the most energy efficient option. So if you're looking for a straight replacement for a feature designer radiator, then you are in the right place and a horizontal designer radiator can add more than just style to a room. This is because the latest horizontal designer radiators are better looking, more efficient and considerably more reliable than the standard panel designs of the past.


Horizontal designer radiators probably the most popular on the market today

Given that replacing a central heating system is expensive, most people choose a horizontal replacement radiator, because this requires minimal work to switch out. Using the width filter, you can reduce your options to the size you need within seconds. With a huge range of styles, colours and sizes of horizontal designer radiators to choose from, you can select one that's just right for your space. Whatever design you go for, you can be rest assured that a horizontal radiator will bring you everything you need for perfect home heating.


Horizontal designer radiators custom coloured

You can custom your horizontal designer radiators by specific RAL colours with a factory order, so your radiator can stand out or blend it with equal elegance. Maybe select a horizontal designer radiator from our stunning range of unique standard finishes which include chrome, anthracite and nickel and get free next day delivery. Our horizontal designer radiators will bring that perfect balance between functionality and style, fitting neatly into any home interior.

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