Glass Radiators

Glass radiators are gaining popularity, as they offer a heating solution that is beautiful, practical and energy efficient.


What is a glass radiator?

Glass radiators originally utilise infrared technology to warm space, which means you can have an ultra slim radiator. The benefit of  this all electric ‘low energy consumption’ radiator is that is is easy to install, because they have no pipes or plumbing. This makes infrared technology perfect for a place where fitting a traditional designer radiator would be difficult. However, traditional wet central heating systems can also opt for a glass fronted radiator and Agadon Designer Radiators have a stunning range of both.


Infrared glass radiators are maintenance free and easy to move

Other than basic controls, glass infrared radiators have few parts that need maintenance, saving you money and stress. You can even move a glass radiator from room to room, or if you choose, take it with you when you move house (especially if you've had personalised glass radiator wall art).


Infrared glass radiators are super energy efficient

Infrared glass radiators create a heat that is very similar to the sun. This invisible infrared light gets absorbed by our skin, clothes and other objects, which is how things around an infrared heater warm up. In other words glass radiators offer a comfortable infrared heat with no wasted energy. On top of this, no heat is lost to the pipework or surrounding space.


Glass radiator wall art - with optional LED backlighting

You can turn your infrared or wet system glass radiator into a statement piece by incorporating a family photo, other personal design or selection a glass radiator from the gallery of images available. If you want to create an even more stunning look, then choose an LED backlit infrared glass radiator.

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