Designer Towel Radiators

Add a touch of elegance, style and have warm dry towels, even when your central heating isn’t on.


Designer towel radiators providing style and function

Agadons range of designer towel radiators will transform the way you approach bathroom heating. A designer towel radiator will add style and they’re an affordable, stylish way of warming your towels and heating your bathroom. With a choice of electric, wet central heating or dual fuel, there is no limitation to where you can position your towel radiator within reason.


Electric Designer Towel Radiators

Almost any of the wet central heating designer towel radiators can be converted with the purchase of a rod heating element. These are simple to fit and can be fitted in seconds to the radiator. Once in place the radiator can be topped up with water and be a complete standalone towel rail heater, once connected to a 13amp electric supply.


Wet central heating designer towel radiators

This is the conventional radiator deployment which is where a designer towel radiator is installed as a part of the wet central heating system, (i.e. plumbed in) and typically controlled with a thermostatic radiator valve.


Dual fuel designer towel radiators

Dual fuel is where you combine the fitting of a rod heating element connected to a 13amp electric supply on a radiator which is installed as a part of the wet central heating system. This is especially useful for bathrooms which are cold when the rest of the house is at a comfortable temperature without the central heating being on. It means you can have the towel radiator on to dry towels or heat the room even when the rest of the central heating is idle.


Sometimes called designer towel rail radiators

Designer Towel Radiators are sometimes referred to as designer towel rail radiators, due to their rail or ladder like style. Whatever you call them, designer towel rails are a must have accessory for any bathroom which seeks warmth, practicality and a touch of style. It serves several purposes including towel and robe storage, towel warming and drying, and of course as a bathroom radiator.


Can a towel rail or designer towel radiator effectively heat a bathroom?         

You might be wondering whether a towel rail can actually keep your bathroom warm during the colder months. A towel rail will heat a bathroom efficiently, provided that it’s sized correctly for the space it’s in. A small heated rail is designed for hand towels and likely won’t make much of a difference to the temperature of your bathroom in winter. However, if you were to purchase a full sized towel rail, you would not need an additional radiator in the room. The main benefit of towel rail radiator is their height. Compared to a horizontal designer radiator, they take up a lot less space because they can go from floor to ceiling. This will make a big difference if you have a small bathroom with restricted wall space.


Designer towel radiators BTU’s

All designer towel radiators have excellent heat output, but for maximum comfort and style choose a size and BTU rating which will maximise efficiency in your room size. You’ll find the darker coloured towel radiators have better BTU qualities, so maybe take a look at our range of anthracite radiators. So how do you go about calculating the BTU for your bathroom? Simple – scroll down and select the link BTC Calculator and follow the simple instructions on the page.

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