Vertical Designer Radiators

Vertical designer radiators add a stylish designer focal point and this is the reason it is now among the most popular styles in the UK heating market.


Vertical designer radiators transforming the look of your home

The beauty of vertical designer radiators is they take up less floor and wall space, so they are ideal where wall space is at a premium. Whether you want to improve the look and feel of a room practicality and value for money - creating extra space for other fixings & furniture - thanks to their tall and slimline design style.


Vertical designer radiator styles and functions

Whether you need a space-saving styles that free up wall space in the living room, bedroom or kitchen or a full-length mirrored vertical radiator for the bathroom or hallway - there are different designer radiator styles, unlimited colours options and sizes to accommodate the heat output you need.  The real beauty of a vertical designer radiator is it can also use height to become a focal point in any room. With panelled designs and a range of finishes to choose from, your home heating can double up as art, whether it be through a textured panel finish or the industrial-inspired columns of vertical column radiators.


High output vertical designer radiators

Vertical designer radiators look the part and are capable of delivering a suitably high heat output for space you have. To help you create the perfect level of comfort, warmth and style use the BTU calculator link at the footer of this page. Vertical radiators come in a wide range of designs and finishes that enhance any room. Vertical designer radiators make a great option for a living room area, offering a means to make your home heating a stylish decorative feature.

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