Chrome vertical radiators adding a touch of style

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A wide range of chrome vertical radiators in stock

Chrome adds a sense of style and elegance in interior design and can be introduced to match with any interior decor. A chrome vertical radiator creates a bold style statement, whether your chosen look be Scandinavian, contemporary, vintage or a mix of influences. A stylish, high quality, sparkling chrome vertical radiator will create a stunning focal point in any room. Whether you choose a chrome towel radiator for a bathroom or chrome vertical radiator for the living room you'll love polished chrome.


Why do chrome vertical radiators have a lower heat output than equivalent coloured radiators?

When reviewing radiators, whatever the style you are looking for, the primary selection should always be BTU, this is the heat output metric. Your room size and type will dictate the BTU's required to heat the space effectively. You will notice that when comparing the BTU output from the same size chrome finish vertical radiator to it's equivalent design in a coloured paint finish, it will show between 10-30% less BTU output. This isn't a waste of energy, as the heat simply remains trapped inside your hot water heating system.


Why chrome vertical radiators have a lower heat output than coloured radiators

  1. Chrome has a low emissivity value, which simply means chrome traps heat and is poor at radiating heat. Which is why so many chrome vertical radiators are used as towel drying radiators.
  2. Heat has to penetrate through two layers of metal, the base fabrication metal and the chrome plating applied on top.
  3. The reflective qualities of chrome means it reflects heat back in on itself reducing the amount it can radiate (Just like the space blankets you see wrapped around people to help avoid hypothermia).


Nothing compares to the look of a chrome vertical radiator

Chrome vertical radiators create a stand out design which you simply cannot ignore. So when looking for the right design and styling for your chrome vertical radiator, you need to factor in the BTU of the room. The design impact of a vertical chrome radiator will provide a focal point which literally reflects the room. The fact you may need a physically bigger radiator to achieve the BTU's required is precisely why vertical radiators are so popular in chrome. They can be used to replace an existing radiator without major plumbing works as they use the height of the wall above the radiator to create the bigger surface area needed to achieve the necessary BTU's.


Free next day delivery on chrome vertical radiators ordered by 5.00pm

Orders of any designer radiators received by 5pm will be delivered next working day. Orders placed after 5pm Friday will be dispatched Monday for Tuesday delivery. Parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland may be 2 or 3 days delivery.

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