Anthracite Column Radiators

Anthracite stands for design purism and when combined with sleek modern column radiator design provides the perfect combination.


Radiators are a long term investment - so will anthracite go out of fashion?

Anthracite looks extravagant and high quality, it has long been a trend colour when it comes to interiors. However, is it still fashionable or is it slowly falling out of favour? Without a shadow of a doubt, anthracite is a timeless colour whose presence within interior design is definitely not coming to an end. It's the most popular colour within the RAL palette. Anthracite (RAL 7016) has amazing qualities, the colour is deeply anchored in the construction and interior design colour palette.


Anthracite column radiator for more effective heating

Column radiators are a sleek alternative to standard radiators, with traditional and modern encompassed in one stylish radiator. The extra surface area of each tube section increases the surface area providing more heat for convection. Though dark colours may seem daunting for a radiator, stepping away from pale shades has a practical side. Dark colours like anthracite radiate heat better, so typically an anthracite column radiator will out perform its equivalent in lighter colours or chrome by up to 30%.

The size of anthracite column radiator you'll need will mostly depend on the space for your radiator and what the BTU output you need. BTU is the measurement which helps you figure out how much energy a radiator needs to heat the space you have.


Vertical anthracite column radiator options

Perfect for limited wall space, anthracite vertical radiators provide the option to create a statement radiator as a focal point or simply maximise the heat output when replacing old ineffective radiators without too much remedial plumbing work.


Horizontal anthracite column radiator options

Ideal for under windows or as a replacement radiator with virtually no remedial plumbing work, plus anthracite horizontal radiators provide a great look to any room.

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