Picture Infrared Radiators

Choose from our gallery of images, feature your own art of a portrait photograph.


Sleek and amazingly discreet picture infrared radiators

Infrared heaters are very thin, incredibly easy to install (all you need is an electric point) and the technology is super energy efficient. This all lends itself to being positioned higher on walls. Combine this  with the option for images to be applied and picture infrared radiators are probably one of the most discreet forms of instant heat.

A simple process to personalise your infrared radiators

Here's how you can personalise your panels with any image that you'd like printed onto the infrared radiator. The images need to be a minimum of 4MB to achieve the right quality when printed. The higher the resolution of your image (i.e. the larger the MB size) the better the print quality will be. Which is why pictures taken on a phone need to be the right file size to ensure they are capable of being scaled up to the desired printed size.

Step 1 - Choose your picture

You can either choose from one of our gallery images, from www.shutterstock.com (as Agadon Designer Radiators have a Shutterstock account) or provide your own high res digital file. The image can be anything you choose, a family or pet portrait, a favourite holiday picture or something completely abstract. All we need is a high res digital file (10-12 megapixels or MB) to achieve the right quality when printed. 

Step 2 - Select the appropriate radiators size

600x600mm    600x900mm Wide   600x900mm Tall   600x1200mm Wide   600x1200mm Tall

When choosing your radiator and image please consider the shape of the radiator as images will need to be cropped to fit.


Step 3 - Order your radiator online selecting the bespoke picture option

When you select the bespoke picture option, one of our team will email you back the dropbox link to upload your chosen unless you've supplied a Shutterstock image code.


Step 4 - You will receive a visual proof  as this is provided as part of the service

This will show the crop we've applied and you need to approve or liaise with one of our team to position the crop and re-proof.


Step 5 - Once approved the manufacturing process takes 4 -5 weeks

Picture infrared radiators are made to order and because it's a bespoke order, refunds are not available unless the radiator is faulty.

Picture infrared radiators provide instant heat

Infrared heating technology is super efficient as unlike convection heating, it emits a heat in a uniform manner which is absorbed by objects. This is because infrared panel heaters use radiation to heat the room instead of convection. This means that they deliver heat directly to people and furnishings rather than trying to heat the entire room space. So no matter where you are, the heat is focused on you and bringing the room temperature up by heating objects which then heat the air around them. Think of it as how we feel the sun’s heat, we don’t actually see the sun rays but, we do feel its effects.


Interest free credit for purchases exceeding £750 - including sale items

10% deposit 12 monthly payments at 0% interest. Flexible payment options mean you can buy now and spread the payment over the next 12 months. The only criteria for interest free credit is that your order must exceed £750 - this can be a single product or a combination of products. Simply add your selections to the basket and if your order value exceeds £750 you’ll automatically be offered an interest free option.

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