Slimline Radiators

Lots of people ask for slimline radiators, but do they mean tall and narrow or ultra thin?


What’s your definition of a slimline radiator?

Slimline radiators are ideal for even the smallest spaces, especially if there's no available plumbing, as you can choose from slimline electric or infrared. If you have the plumbing then you can choose  a slimline radiator  and have a dual fuel option for the best of both worlds.


Space saving tall slimline radiators

You may have a slither of wall space available from floor to ceiling, which is where a slimline radiators comes in. Vertical radiators are great for fitting in to that awkward piece of space that you can utilise by adding some stylish, slimline heating. No matter the slimline shape, vertical radiators offer a modern look and provide a high heat output despite their tall thin shape.


Slim in depth radiators

Add a touch of minimalist design to your home with our excellent selection of infrared ultra slim radiators. If you want to reduce clutter, the infrared slim radiators can be mounted horizontal or vertical. They have minimal protrusion into your room, creating a sleek modern look. If you don’t have a lot of available wall space, these super slim radiators are ideal. These will take up little wall space whilst still delivering great heat outputs.

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