Corner Radiators

Corner radiators are ideal for rooms with limited wall space and can makes the radiator an integral part of the room.


A corner radiators just looks so cool

Tall and slimline, the Aurora E corner vertical designer tube radiator has a unique triangular tube design.  The tubes are mounted on a curved frame which allows this contemporary radiator to be mounted in a corner whilst producing maximum heat. This is because each tube has it’s whole surface area to radiate heat.  With the space behind the curve becoming a natural thermal for the convection heating of the room.


1800mm tall, it uses the full room height 

The Aurora E corner radiator is impressive to look at and highly effective at heating the room with an impressive 2930 BTU rating. Available in white and anthracite as standard, which is available next day or any RAL colour if a factory order for  a 5-6 week delivery.

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