Luxury designer heated towel rails

No matter what the shape or style of your bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom, you'll find a heated towel rail to suit your design needs.


Providing comfortable heat and warm dry towel storage

The warmth provided by heated towel rails can be provided by wet system, electric & dualfuel designer towel radiators without compromise on style or heat output. You might be wondering whether a towel rail can actually keep your bathroom warm during the colder months. A towel rail will heat a bathroom efficiently, provided that it’s sized correctly for the space it is in. A small heated rail is designed for hand towels and likely won’t make much of a difference to the temperature of your bathroom in winter. However, if you were to purchase a full sized towel rail, you would not need an additional radiator in the room. The main benefit of towel rail radiator is their height. Compared to a radiator, they take up a lot less space horizontally because they can go from floor to ceiling. This will make a big difference if you have a small bathroom with restricted wall space.


Designer towel radiators providing style and function

Agadons' range of designer towel radiators will transform the way you approach bathroom heating. A designer towel radiator will add style and they are an affordable, stylish way of warming your towels and heating your bathroom. With a choice of electric, wet central heating or dual fuel, there is no limitation to where you can position your towel radiator within reason.

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