Slim designer radiators

With minimal protrusion into your room, slim designer radiators suit the needs of any room, no matter how large, small or slim you need.


A slimline designer radiator will add style and warmth to any room in your home.

A slim radiator offers the combination of a stunning focal point, subtle stylish colour co-ordinated radiator and a touch of minimalist design to your home. Combining the look you want with energy efficiency to help enhance the look and feel of your home. Slim radiators create a sleek modern look, and fit where a more traditionally styled radiator just won't or if it can, it can't provide the heat output needed. If you want to increase the BTU output, but don’t have a lot of available wall space, vertical slim radiators are ideal.


What heat output do slim designer radiators give?

With a range of heat outputs up to 5947 BTU's are amongst the best performing designer radiators. With interest free options on slim designer radiators, at factory direct prices from Agadon you won't need to compromise on style or heat output - as you can spread the payments and select the right heat needs for your room and choose from 10,000 radiators in stock. If you have a room in mind, use our online radiator BTU calculator to get the heat you'll need your slim designer radiator to generate.

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