Electric designer radiators

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Electric designer radiators provide a low energy home heating solution, can provide instant heat or a more flexible heating option for cold spots. There is a  number of key areas in which electric designer radiators offer a distinct advantage over their plumbed central heating counterparts. The first is they can be installed almost anywhere as long as you can get an electric supply to them. So much easier and more cost effective, especially if you've had an extension built. Because they can be standalone, they are a more efficient way to heat a space when the main home central heating system is switched off. They are quick to warm up and depending on the heat option you select can even warm you immediately they are switched on.


What are the different in electric heat options?

Wall mounted slimline electric radiators come in two main heat options, convection heat and infrared. Although both electric they work to heat the space very differently.


Electric designer radiators which heat by convection

Convection heat, heats a room by warming the air. The electric element in the radiator heats the metal, which then heats the air touching it, which then circulates thermally (hot air rising drawing in cooler air to replace it) until the room temperature rises.


Electric designer radiators which heat by infrared

Infrared heat, heats a room in the same form of heat given off by the sun. The electric produces an infrared radiated heat which travels in a direct line from the heat source to warm people and objects directly and instantly. As objects warm they then add to the warms by the convection process outlined above. So they use a combination of radiated and convected heat to provide efficient and effective home comfort heating.


How do you calculate the heat output you need from your electric designer radiator?

If you are unsure on the size of the electric radiator you need, you can use our BTU calculator to provide you with a recommendation based on the size of your room. Quickly input information, room size, room type, etc, and our room BTU calculator will provide you with a wattage. This wattage can then be used to select the best electric radiator model for your specific room.


Make the most of the space available

Offering high heat outputs, simple installation and attractive contemporary looks, an electric designer radiator can help your put the finishing touch to your décor, make the most of the space available and turn your heating into an attractive feature. However, buying a new designer radiator for your home can sometimes not be as straightforward as you might think, especially if this is your first time taking the plunge.

With so many brands, styles, sizes and colours to choose from, without a bit of expert help, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Please give us a call on 01530 564 122 or email us at sales@agadon.co.uk if you would like to visit our extensive showroom or simply get more information and expert advice.

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