Are anthracite radiators more efficient?

Anthracite radiators are highly effective, and can give each space a more sophisticated appearance, which is why interior designers love them - but are they more efficient?


Anthracite radiators are about 1% more efficient than a lighter coloured radiator

In scientific terms, matt black is the most efficient colour choice for a radiator, but the difference in heat output between a matt black radiator and a white radiator with everything else being equal is only around 1%. Anthracite is dark grey, so close to matt black - so about 1% more efficient is about as good as it gets. We are often asked if the colour of the radiator affects the heat output. The simple answer is - not enough to make it worth considering. When it comes to radiators, the only factor that makes any significant difference is the reflectiveness of the finish - the more shiny the surface the less heat it radiates.



Anthracite brings a seriously classy tone to any interior

Anthracite makes designer radiators look incredibly contemporary and for whatever interior style you're looking to complement. It is no surprise that the anthracite radiator colour has become synonymous with luxury. The great news is that anthracite designer radiators are now incredibly affordable and accessible by all budget levels. Agadon Designer Radiators have a stunning range of anthracite designer radiators, all in stock and FREE next day delivery on all orders!

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